Slippers Winnie the Pooh Felted slippers Ecofriendly handmade felt shoes for home Christmas gift, russian Winnie Pooh felt snikers warm wool

Slippers for home use, very warm, soft with a picture. This is a fairy tale character Winnie the Pooh. Natural wool of sheep. The picture is made with the help of colored wool by hand. And can be individual, if you want. Warm in winter and not hot in the summer. Handmade home shoes.
You can tell what kind of image you want and we will do it for you!

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These felted slippers will perfectly fit for wearing inside. Slippers will let your feet skin breathe, because of wool properties and because are made using only 100% natural products. Soles makes slippers not so slippery.

Easy care instructions: hand wash in warm water or in washing machine using gentle washing program suitable for wool. Use special detergent suitable for wool. After draining - shape and leave to dry. Do not wash in very hot water and do not dry in very hot conditions, do not leave on the hot sun for a long time!

This is a perfect gift for any holiday in winter or autumn, for example, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Valentine's Day or any other holiday for a girl or a woman.

No animal suffers from the production of our things. We use sheared wool. These mittens are absolutely eco-friendly and do not harm the wildlife.